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Danshinichijyo’s Top 10 Most Popular Characters

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou’s cast of highschoolers, male and female alike, have been ranked according to their level of popularity – 10 individuals made the list, and at number one, a face not surprising.

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Ranma13977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

My top 6 which deserve sequels

1. Dragon Ball Z (a proper sequel, not GT crap)

2. Death Note

3. Eyeshield21

4. Berserk

5. Shaman King

6. Rorouni Kenshin

Ranma13977d ago

My favourite characters are luffy, kira and zoro (one piece)


my favorite charcter of all time anime is panty. that thing always appears in every show

Simon_Brezhnev3976d ago

LOL your right i cant even recall an anime not showing panties.


oh noes , someone has disagreed..........prove me wrong then if you dare take the challenge?!!
it's everywhere whether is on some hot 2d girl or ugly one or just hanging that is the one main used character in anime of all time