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LaRazon magazine: Anime has low cost, but complex stories

"I will talk about the creative process in producing animation series and movies. Also mention the differences between anime and Western works, "forward Shibasaki, who currently lives in Bolivia.

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Ranma13974d ago

Yes it does, but their are still to many people who put it in the same category as western cartoons.

Anime is for everybody, i am 21 and i love anime. It has deep and engrossing stories as compared to piss poor western cartoons

GillHarrison3973d ago

Just because you don't like western cartoons doesn't mean they are "piss poor." There is plenty of bad anime. Keeping closed minded is the reason a lot of people choose not to watch anime. Being hyper-pro anime doesn't help anyone.

Simon_Brezhnev3972d ago

I know right he is pretty closed minded. I guess he thinks The Simpson and King of the Hill is for kids. LOL

Ranma is just an anime troll that makes anybody that like anime look bad.

Ranma13972d ago


I actually like simpsons. I would make an exception for western cartoons targeted at adults, or western comedy cartoons