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Tetsuya Nomura Ready With New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Info

Tetsuya Nomura says in this week's Famitsu that he's almost ready with preparations for sharing new Final Fantasy Versus XIII info. So does that mean we can expect an update soon?

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SynGamer3975d ago

I'm beginning to think this game will never come out :(

Soulscare3974d ago

What? People have been moaning for this game for years, yet the second we get a tiny bit of news, people post things like this...
You think this was bad? Try being a Half Life fan.

Anywho on topic, seems like it may be shown at E3 or TGS. I just wish they'd drop the XIII like they did with Type-0 because XIII already feels overused...

Ranma13975d ago

I wont keep my hopes up because its made by Square Enix

Whitefox7893974d ago

You can usually trust Tetsuya Nomura, KH (series), FF7: Crisis Core, The World Ends With You. Not to mention he got just about everyone who worked on FF7 with the obvious exception of Nobou Uematsu involved in the game.

The one you can't trust is Motomu Toriyama, FF X, FF X-2, FF XIII, FF XIII-2.

noprin3974d ago

Final Fantasy X was good,but I agree with the others

Soulscare3974d ago

Agree'd but X was one of best Final Fantasy's...

aDDicteD3974d ago

show more ffv13 already, it's been so long