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Suzuki Markets Vehicles With Lupin The 3rd

Realizing they can’t compete with cute little sisters, Suzuki has decided to target a different audience entirely – their Italian branch is marketing their “Swift” line of vehicles with legendary thief Lupin The 3rd.

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Ranma13975d ago

Would be more effective if they marketed with good looking girls or hentai.

you know what they say

sex sells !

Archaic3974d ago

Speaking as someone who actually has a degree in consumer behaviour....

There's a hell of a lot more to marketing than porn and sex. They can work to the right market, but most certainly not to every market, and I very much doubt to the market this company is aiming at.

Simon_Brezhnev3974d ago

Well at least they targeting people who can actually buy the car.

Lupin III is the greatest comedy anime of all time. Well i hope he uses this car in the new anime.