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Anime News Network Anime Spotlight: Queen's Blade Rebellion

Queen's Blade—A fighting tournament held once every four years to determine the Queen that will rule the continent. The Bewitched Queen Aldra was finally defeated, and the curtain closed on the fierce competition of the 30th Queen's Blade tournament. The beautiful warrior who won, Leina, left without succeeding the Queen's throne, and in her stead, the Thundercloud General, Claudette, took the throne.

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Tuxedo_Mask3976d ago

I know why Queen's Blade is popular, but I wish anime would get away from stuff like this and back to riveting stories with good animation. This fan service stuff is getting old and even takes away from some anime that would otherwise be spectacular.

Simon_Brezhnev3976d ago

out of all the ecchi anime Queen's Blade and High Schood DxD actually have a decent story.

parasit33975d ago

Remember when Queen's Blade had the spotlight on the PSN Store, for a short time though? It was immediately removed for its awesome, fappin' hentai nude battles. I'm recalling it was episode 1 - quite some time ago, it was.

Tuxedo_Mask3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Yeah, I remember that. It's kind of funny to me because they pulled it before I even knew it was on the spotlight. I wouldn't have downloaded it anyway though because I think the series is stupid, but it was amusing to me knowing what kind of content is in Queen's Blade.