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The Sex-Swapped Anime Version of Harry Potter That Never Existed

io9 writes: What if there was a manga named Harriet Potter about a teen sorceress who got into magical imbroglios with her studious friend Hermes* and lovably incompetent gal pal Rhonda?

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koga882863d ago

God Kotaku and their branches (io9) are the trash of the industry. Rather than use the normal term for this type of thing, gender swap, they use sex swap because they just want to milk people and trick them.

Soulscare2862d ago

You trashed Kotaku... +Bubbles and agree for you!

Ranma12861d ago

whats so bad about kotaku?

Soulscare2861d ago

@Ranma1 just not a fan... There articles are always of poor quality and not very informative, everyone over at N4G agree how meaningless they are. There's a LOT of Kotaku hate there.

Lavalamp2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

It's not just Kotaku. As Koga already mentioned, it's the entire Gawker Media. The website conglomerate is notorious for poor journalism. They wear the title of professional when it suits them and then backpedal under the guise of being a blog after someone cries foul-play.

I've heard horror stories of them posting poorly written, poorly edited pieces without substance that rely on controversial headers and out of context quotes for cheap hits. And they do all of this in order to meet some quota or deadline.

Archaic2861d ago

Not to defend Gawker, but (which is actually separate and distinct to has some very good coverage of news by local writers. Not just all local news either.

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Simon_Brezhnev2860d ago

yeah kotaku are a troll site just looking for hits.