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Top 10 Anime Inspired Games

So it’s no secret that modern day gaming has a very strong base in the land of the rising sun with Anime being Japan’s largest entertainment export statistically, but we wanted to collect a list of games that combined Japan’s gaming industry with perhaps it’s biggest entertainment genre. Now these games aren’t necessarily games that have anime series of their own, but simply have been inspired by the genre as a whole. So here it is our top 10 Anime inspired games/series of all time!

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Ranma13723d ago

This list is missing chrono trigger, best anime inspired game of all time.

Xenogears is also good. Those were the days of squaresoft, when they used to make the best games.

now look at what they make, mind jack, infinite undiscovery, last remnant? how far have they fallen?

Ranma13722d ago

Dragon Quest 8 was also a good anime inspired game