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Hideo Kojima: "Japanese developers lack global outlook"

Game developer and director of Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima, provide insight into the Japanese side of game development: "A lot of creators are just focused on Japan and the Japanese market and aren't really aware of what people around the world want."

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Instigator3980d ago

There's no denying that western developers has seen much a bigger growth this generation. A lot of Japanese games have at most a niche following outside of Japan, but I don't want to see them completely westernised just to garner a bigger audience. I play eastern games precisely because it's a nice contrast to the Call of Dutys and Need For Speeds of the west.

If anything I think more people should open their minds to the delights of Japanese games.

Deadpool6163978d ago

I agree Instigator! =)

Japan needs to be themselves and make their types of games unique onto their own. I think Kojima's games are pretty universal, which contributes to his success. I understand what he's saying though. For example, a Pachinko video game wouldn't sell anywhere else but Japan. The more people can relate to it the better.

Japan always had a knack for ripping multiple things off, bundling it all together and making something new, cool and stylish. Or they just make something completely unexpected, that's either too over the top, or just the right amount of crazy. Sometimes they stick with something familar...but it always has a twist that Japan can only add to it.

One thing I know for sure is stop trying to be the next CallofGearsModernBattlefield3. Just remember to take things you like and do your own thing Japan.