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Ore No Imouto PSP Contains Pregnancy… Again

In a NicoNico live stream, it was confirmed that just like the original Oreimo title on PSP, some heroines of the upcoming Ore no Imouto PSP visual novel game will be getting pregnant for better or worse.

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Ranma13973d ago

whats this game about

Megaman_nerd3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

at least the anime is about a fashion girl (you know, the ones popular at school) that secretly love eroge games and anime but is too ashamed to accept it so she keeps it hidden from everybody. Then one day she ask her brother to help her make new friends within the otaku culture but without making all her other friends at school to notice it.

The game is more like a dating sim and as always directed more toward the perverted. It basically is the brother hitting on all the girls of the anime, including his own sister. Well, is not like the anime doesn't has its fare share of fan-service too but no one gets pregnant there.

Ranma13973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

2 words:

sex sells

Ranma13972d ago

a fashion game?

is this supposed to be a chidlrens fashion game, i dont know which parent would buy their children this game?

must be a bad one