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Dragon Ball Z Kinect Classified PG in Australia

Saiyan Island reports the newest DBZ game has been given a rating in Australia.

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tayz3965d ago

i hope this game will be made for real. it could be really good!

tayz3964d ago

probably but u dunno they might surprise us for once in their life!! if CC2 is working on it it will be a bomb no doubt!

koga883964d ago

It's very likely real, though as far as the Kinect mode goes, it could go a number of ways. I've seen Rise of Nightmares incorporate punching alright, but there are plenty of ways it could go bad. Also I don't believe Namco Bandai has released a game for the Kinect yet so they are a tad inexperienced with it.

Simon_Brezhnev3964d ago

I just think the game will be shit. I just dont see CC2 wasting their time on a kinect game.

aDDicteD3959d ago

hope this one will be good