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One Piece’s Creator Doesn’t Sleep Much, Sounds Totally Burnt Out

Since 1997, Eiichiro Oda has produced One Piece. According to a recent Japanese Jump magazine article, he has zero days off. And every night, he gets around four hours of sleep on average.

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Simon_Brezhnev3969d ago

Well i hope he doesnt get sick or stressed out anytime soon.

iChii3969d ago

Don't worry. We still have 10 years of One Piece left.

Simon_Brezhnev3969d ago

Yeah i know but only 4 hours of sleep for so long will make him do another 1 month break.

NewMonday3969d ago

hope e doesn't get to burned out like the HxH mangaka was

Simon_Brezhnev3968d ago


Your right the HxH mangaka not even sure when its coming off hiatus.

koga883969d ago

Gotta admit, out of nearly every manga artist around he takes the least amount of breaks when it comes to his releases. Even amongst the big three he is consistently releasing week after week while naruto and bleach often take random weeks off.

Instigator3969d ago

I though Oda was the one taking the most breaks, with Kishi being the most consistent. He does, however, have the highest page number and most extensive story and characters. Jump should give him a long vacation as a thanks for all he's done. He deserves it after 15 years.

Simon_Brezhnev3969d ago

Yeah Kishi been the most consistent in the past year. Like you said he does put the most info in his manga every week.

Instigator3968d ago

That's probably what got to him. The crazy and awesome stuff he comes up with must require much more work than Kishi and Kubo does.

Tanir3968d ago

kubo is a horrible mangaka.

anyhow. I think from my experience Berserks Creator takes the longest breaks.......actually that would be ragnaroks creator since he took an eternal break :/

badz1493969d ago

seems like they are real! I think Oda himself ate the awesome awesome fruit!

Flavor3969d ago

If one piece stopped tomorrow there would be nothing left to support the manga industry.

Megaman_nerd3968d ago

In Japan everybody's like that. Work, work, work... Thank god I wasn't born there!

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