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Potential Live-Action "Akira" Actor Opens Up on Adaptation

After the Warner Bros. live-action adaptation got put on ice in January, it looked like there wouldn't be anymore info regarding the film or any chance to find out about what led to its eventual shutdown. That all changed today as Wrath of the Titans actor Toby Kebbell opened up about the scope and state of the film during a press junket for the forthcoming film.

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Tuxedo_Mask3965d ago

After reading this I have major respect for Toby Kebbell and plan on seeing as many movies he's in that I can. We need more actors like this who actually care about the source material that they're adapting, and the fact that he's an anime fan doesn't hurt either.

Flavor3964d ago

The farther down a hole this project is pushed, the better. Give it to a studio that knows what its doing.