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Fast Thoughts - Spring 2012 Anime Part 1

Capsule Computer's Luke Halliday gives his first impressions on some of the Spring 2012 Anime series, such as Naruto Spin Off, Saint Seiya Omega, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Polar Bear's Cafe and Kuroko's Basketball.

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koga883895d ago

Mmm I really do believe you should give Mysterious Girlfriend X a chance. Though the manga is very slow paced, the anime itself seems to be taking an old school approach, similar to what people will find with Ozuma.

futurefrog3895d ago

Very interesting. Drool fetish is just weird though lol

koga883895d ago

Lol, well there are already so many weird things out there though. It does get more developed however as the story goes on, but not by much... You would think that a manga that has been going on as long as it has would have at least a few more developments here and there.

TopDudeMan3895d ago

I still think it's an absolute joke that bleach got cancelled for that Naruto SD. It is awful! Here's hoping it doesn't run for long.

Simon_Brezhnev3893d ago

Yeah that pisses me the hell off like no other. I dont mind Bleach taking a break to close to manga. They should had gave other mangas an anime instead of this garbage.