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Anime Courtyard: Real Anime, is there such thing?

Mario writes: Hello Anime lovers, today i am going to start by raising a question, is there such a thing as “real anime”? This may be polemical, usually Anime fans have a preference for a genre, name if giant robots, school life, *gasp* Hentai and what not, whatever is your cup of tea. Can you affirm the genre you love is real anime and the rest garbage not worth watching?

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Megaman_nerd2799d ago

And again. Whoever mentions K-On as an "excellent" anime has no taste.

Lavalamp2799d ago

K-On! is a tour de force in anime and my gustatory sense is working just fine.

Cybermario2798d ago

then again K-On! is just one of many thousand anime shows i have seen since the early 90's, one show do not define the taste of an anime fan at all, this is precisely the kind of narrow minded attitude im talking about.

GillHarrison2798d ago

I'm not even a slice of life anime guy, but K-On is fantastic and deserves all the respect and praise it gets.

FlashXIII2798d ago

To be honest many non anime fans will be close minded and just see it as cartoons for children. For many anime fans I think age plays a factor to some degree in anime choices. I watched Clannad last year when I was 25 and I must say I was blown away by it. I'm pretty sure if I watched something like Clannad five years ago I'd have came away with a completely different impression.