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Top 5 Most Memorable Studio Ghibli Characters

Vicki writes-
As a Japanese film obsessive, how could I not love the magic of Studio Ghibli? I personally prefer the quiet, poetic nature of work this animation studio produces to that of modern mainstream Disney, full of noisy energy, jokes and pop-culture references. Studio Ghibli focuses on folklore, drama and every-day life, introducing many imaginative and memorable characters that have become iconic in the world of anime. These are characters one learns from, one can relate to and one can see drawn from historical or mythological inspiration. Without further ado, let me share my top five most memorable characters of the Studio Ghibli series.

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Instigator3888d ago

Totoro is my favorite too! I love all these characters, but if I were to change something I would replace #3 with Ponyo or Porco Rosso. I just like the fantastical Ghibli better than the realistic one. I do like Setsuko and Seita too, though.