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‘Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals’ Anime Expands to Hulu, Viz Anime

One of the more accessible new series to hit this season in terms of a non-anime direct audience is that of Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals. The new spin-off series from Naruto: Shippuden may be controversial with its fans, but it’s the kind of series that can reach just beyond anime fans due to the main series airing on other networks over the years. The show surfaced on Crunchyroll this spring as part of the new season acquisitions, but that’s now not the only place to get it. Viz Media has announced that the series will be available on their site, here, as well as on Hulu, here. Viz Media currently does this delayed-cast program with the main series itself and did it with Bleach as well. By getting the show onto Hulu, it definitely gets more mainstream eyeballs on it.

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