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One Piece: Pirate Warriors Physical in Europe, Digital in North America

USA will be getting a digital only copy, but Europe will get the standard retail version.

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tayz2867d ago

it's times like these I hate living in the US.

Tuxedo_Mask2867d ago

I hope this isn't true. I really don't know much about One Piece, but why would they release a game from such a popular series in the US without a physical release?

Consumers still like to buy their games in stores, if NB releases this as a PSN only title people might not even know it's coming out here.

Ryasha2867d ago

According to the Namco Bandai facebook page, it's "exclusively available as a digital title on the PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 this year" in the US.

tayz2867d ago

i think people will see it on PSN but they want a real game. namco should have done both so we got a choice. i would have spent $60 to get it in the box vs maybe like $30 digital

Simon_Brezhnev2866d ago


It's exclusive to PS3 period. LOL. Then again since koei did help make it i'm surprised its not on 360.

Lavalamp2867d ago

No physical release? Do they think we're gunna 'pirate' it?

tayz2867d ago

lol in the video it says "in the age of piracy" and the first thing I thought was everybody and there grandma is gonna pirate this since its digital only

Ryasha2866d ago

Way to totally miss the entire point of that post/quote.
I know it's a PS3 exclusive. I was using it to talk about how it says it's exclusively available as a digital title.
Since that's what the topic at hand is about.