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Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga: Masahiko Nakahira

Jason Thompson: Like many people, I got into manga through video games. Japanese video games got me into the industry; my first job at Viz was as editor of a game magazine. Game On! USA was mercifully short-lived, suffering as it did from several disadvantages: (1) it was a magazine about Japanese games, but it had "USA" in the title; (2) the Japanese sister magazine we were supposed to get top-secret Japanese game info from, Game On! (hence the title), never gave us anything; (3) it had bad distribution and (4) it came out in 1996, when the Sega Saturn and PlayStation had just launched and the market was glutted with new video game magazines which all quickly died a flaming death. But at least it introduced the English-speaking world to one of the best gaming manga artists ever, Masahiko Nakahira.

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