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Premature Ending?[]

It has been about a month since Bleach has ended airing on television, was this truly the smartest decision that was made by TV Tokyo to take Bleach off the air and replace it with something else?

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Vashthatstampede3882d ago

replacing bleach with rock lee to me was just a bad idea it was the wrong time to do it since this arc sucked and the next was amazing they should have just given it more time

FurankuTedaka3882d ago

I agree I think it was winding down and almost time to go but this was to soon IMO.

crxss3882d ago

most likely we'll see bleach again in a more perfected form. like FMA or DBZ did.

hopefully it comes back with the story being strict to the manga and finishes the final arc.

koga883881d ago

It was really strange that, rather than find some up and coming longer running manga, like Cage of Eden to try and replace it. Instead we get some generic gag anime with Rock Lee.

Sano643879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

They should have done one last Arc surounding Ichigo,Ishida and their fathers. There are just too many holes in the story to leave me feeling satisfied.

They could have even done an Arc picking up several years in the future and have Ichigo die from some freak accident and follow his life as a real shinigami in soul society.

FlashXIII3882d ago

They'll bring Bleach back for the final arc. They're probably just doing it like this so that they don't have 1-2 years of fillers like with what Naruto did before the switch to shippuuden.

Dark_Overlord3882d ago

That's what I believe too. Most fillers annoy the hell out of me at times (Some are decent though).

FlashXIII3882d ago

Bleach fillers are oscar gold next to Naruto ones but a year or two of them would be a bit much to take. I hope this is the case anyway.

thehitman3881d ago

@ flash u must be on something Naruto fillers actually contribute to the overall story of Naruto. Bleach fillers are corny boring drawn out stupid episodes that have nothing to do with anything with no sense of direction. In fact Bleach has gotten so bad that I would take a Naruto filler over Bleach main arc anyday. Bleach had potential as a good anime but the action scenes so boring last like 20 secs then they tack 2-3 months of fillers between each 1.

Simon_Brezhnev3881d ago


Naruto fillers are shit compared to Bleach. Don't give me overall story crap a filler is a filler.

gaffyh3881d ago

Whilst Naruto fillers are crap, and Bleach's fillers are slightly better, they are still crap. Bleach started to do pretty much the same story every time in the fillers, which basically consisted of the captains and Ichigo fighting against their own powers in some way.

In that last filler arc, there was a point where it seemed like the arc had finished, all the captains had beaten their counterparts, and then everyone just retreated for no reason. Then they fought again. It was an obvious case of, "We need to waste more time", which is the worst thing.

Bleach will eventually come back and finish it's story with minimal (if any) filler, as an anime on the whole, it's already had way too much filler.

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koga883881d ago

Agreed, the next arc in the manga is going to consist of a lot of battles back to back which usually take 5-10 weeks of manga chapters, but only one or two anime episodes to show. So they desperately needed a large gap of time to let the manga get ahead of the show, otherwise it'd be so full of filler fans would hate it.

NovusTerminus3882d ago

I think more anime need to go on a hiatus instead of doing fillers. Naruto's anime would be worlds better if the got rid of the filler.

Simon_Brezhnev3881d ago

The problem with Naruto is they never need to do fillers lately. There are no where near the manga. Yet we keep getting more fillers. Your right i think all animes based on manga should get 1 or 2 season a year than take a break.

NovusTerminus3881d ago

I read Naruto, but gave up on the anime. I figure whenever it ends I will get it all and skip through all the filler arcs.

Vashthatstampede3881d ago

I disagree once you give time for other shows the other shows like bleach or naruto would never come back

Main_Street_Saint3881d ago

"Bleach: The final act" anyone?

koga883881d ago

Yeah, it will likely be given the Inuyasha treatment where they waited a few years and wrapped up the anime a few years after the manga wrapped up.

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