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Manga Mondays Review: One Piece[]

Something new we are starting here on Anime Kiosk is the “MANGA MONDAYS REVIEW” each week we will be taking a look at the popular and not so popular mangas that have been released over the years.

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Vashthatstampede2866d ago

its a shame that one piece isn't more popular in the us it could be the next big thing but people dont give it a chance.

FurankuTedaka2866d ago

It has never gotten proper marketing in the US like DBZ or Pokemon did to warrant a top hit. If it was implemented like they were it would be a sure fire hit.

Vashthatstampede2866d ago

thats my point they can but they dont and it is just stupid

Simon_Brezhnev2866d ago

Yeah its a shame. I wish OP had marketing like Naruto in the states.