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Police Crackdown on Otaku Party at Anime Boston

We all know that anime cons can get a little rowdy at times – after all, the inmates have taken over the prison, and hey, anime cons are fun - but a recent ruckus at Anime Boston (on Easter Sunday, no less!) was so buck wild that it made both the cops and the local news step in and take note.

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H2OAcidic3140d ago

Sigh... That's when the people who run the party need to step up, kick people out who cause major problems, obey rules given and what not.

AnimeBoston20133140d ago

We over at Anime Boston have put together a little bit of an explaination for what happened as written by our Con-Chair:

The New England Anime Society and Anime Boston are committed to providing a safe and entertaining convention for our members. We pride ourselves on the work that we do to ensure that fun can be had by all by providing a variety of programming options for all ages. One such example of this programming is our informal dances. This year, for the first time, we ran into some problems.

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