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Bleach pick up by TV Osaka: Will they ever finish the show right?[]

Yes, you have heard correctly, it has been confirmed that TV Osaka are now airing the re-runs of Bleach.

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Vashthatstampede2785d ago

i really hope they do! for it to end this way just sucks they can do so much more and end it in a just way.

LuffythePirateKing2785d ago

I think Bleach has run its course it's time to end it now while it still has dignity

Vashthatstampede2785d ago

dignity? it ended on the worst arc the show had! im glad it is coming back with new episodes

FurankuTedaka2785d ago

This article did not say new episodes were coming out, it is just an opinion piece on whether or not they will or not. This is in no way implying that it already is confirmed to have new episodes

LuffythePirateKing2785d ago

I didnt mean the story arc i mean they should end it while the show is still highly looked at and before people think it is just a sellout show for money.

Vashthatstampede2785d ago

money!?!?! that is just plain stupid all they need to do is one more arc to let the show end the way it deserves to has been a staple for anime for the past few years

LuffythePirateKing2785d ago

Ok well if they only do one more arc than i figure its ok so im glad they are only doing one more arc then ending the series

FurankuTedaka2785d ago

Again I will say it, this is only an opinion piece there is nothing confirmed that Bleach will be showing new episodes.

WetN00dle692784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

The same can be said about Naruto and One Piece. They need to end. Bleach, you will be missed!

Kurylo3d2784d ago

I think bleach went down hill after the soul society arc in the beginning... It ruled up until u had the bount arc. From there it was definently just a money grab... felt less .. i dont know.. real.. or surreal.. whatever u wanna call it.. it just turned into the same old dragon ballz fight to fight to fight to fight... With 20 good guys..with every one of them fighting someone... it gets lame and tiring...

A lot better when the focus was just ichigo first learning of the holo.

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Cennus2785d ago

I tried to get into Bleach but I stopped watching after seven episodes. I liked Rukia or whatever the girls name is but I hated the main guy.

Tuxedo_Mask2785d ago

It's kind of funny you say that, because if you watch episode 8 you might actually start to like Ichigo more.

Kurylo3d2784d ago

seriously.. the first 10 or 15 episodes were sort of average, but once u hit the soul society ... u will love this anime.

gaffyh2784d ago

It takes a long time for Bleach to get going, which is very rare for an anime, but you need to watch about 15 episodes for it to start getting good, but it gets really good after that. Plus, now that the main arcs have finished, you can skip the fillers all you want, but I'd highly recommend you give it a chance.

badboy992785d ago

TV Osaka is owned by TV Tokyo, this website Anime Kiosk is fucking stupid as shit

Baka-akaB2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Meh , forget finishing it right , the whole anime need to be redone in a "kai" condensated way and with some quite needed scene rewrites, with it's atrocious fillers (those were even worse than the already baffling naruto ones) and some badly done eps .

And at least half the manga itself have been a continuous mess anyway

Kur02784d ago

The series really should have ended at the end of Soul Society arc. Hueco Mundo was such a boring place and emo Ichigo plus another damsel in distress was lame.

kingPoS2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

They should just finish it off with a condensed OAV and be done with it.

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