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Naruto Will Soon End With Climactic Conclusion Says Its Creator Kishimoto

The creator of the world's best selling manga-anime series Naruto has announced that the series is about to conclude with a big climax, according to Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha Magazine in February. Kishimoto is the artist and writer responsible for creating the original story and the resulting manga books and Anime television series, working with Japanese publishers and anime movie companies and film houses.

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deep_fried_bum_cake2776d ago

"according to Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha Magazine in February"

Why is this just news now then?

Black-Helghast2775d ago

Right? If its according to SJAM in February this should have been February news.

And I hope this 'Climatic conclusion' means the death of Sasuke.

gaffyh2775d ago

This is just a BS story. The website asvocr, just made up this press release to promote it's website that's why you're hearing about this now. He probably already said that in other articles around February, just no one concentrated on that quote.

Plus that website sucks.

Instigator2775d ago

"Worldwide, the manga books have sold 113 million copies, making it the world's biggest selling manga book series."

I do believe One Piece has sold more than twice that in Japan alone.

On subject though, Kishimoto has said a lot of things, but I can imagine it will end sometime next year. There isn't much more to resolve once the war is over, which already has the biggest players on the field.

Honest_gamer2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

was just about to post that myself, i mean last year one piece sold 37 million where naruto sold 6 and a half million :/
plus the fact every new volume of one piece outsells the other volume when the other volume broke records for most manga sales :/
In 2010, Shueisha announced that they sold over 260 million volumes of One Piece manga so far; so its nearly at 300 million :/

Instigator2775d ago

Yeah, I was going by those 260M, but didn't know it was from way back in 2010. In that case it'll probably pass 300M any day now, which would make it's lead over Naruto almost a whooping 3:1.

FlashXIII2775d ago

Probably end with Naruto and Sasuke killing each other or maybe even with a Samurai Deeper Kyo style ending where it leaves it open as to who wins the battle.

Simon_Brezhnev2775d ago

I wish they both will die but Kishi is too damn soft to let that happen. Naruto can never become Hokage with the way he is.

FlashXIII2775d ago

Naruto being Hokage will never be the ending.. it just doesn't make sense. However after everything he has already done and because of her biased views, you know he'll be the fifth's successor as things stand.

Black-Helghast2775d ago

They should die..THEY SHOULD BOTH DIE. Sasuke for being an Emo dumbass and Naruto for being a homosexual Sasuke addict.

Simon_Brezhnev2775d ago

Reason i say he wont become Hokage because he is 2 dumb. He is a ninja and thinks he can solve everything by talking. He is scared to kill somebody. Then again nothing surprises me in this series anymore.

FlashXIII2775d ago

Sadly though Kishi has gone with the way of him being dumb is what it takes to bring decades of killing and violence to an end. He is too dumb, that's so obvious sadly Kishi has a way of portraying it as being heroic if you will.

Simon_Brezhnev2774d ago

lol yeah your right. Thats why im pissed off Naruto is so popular now. Just about all new action animes have dumb strong main characters.

Kur02774d ago

dumb strong main characters have been a part of shounen way before Naruto

Simon_Brezhnev2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Yeah but Naruto is on a different level. I know Goku was dumb and some others. Naruto on the other hand seriously think he can stop all killing period. Even Goku knows when he have to kill somebody.

I'm just saying since Naruto beens so popular u see a lot more dumb strong main characters. Natsu and dude from Blue Exorcist and many others.

Lavalamp2774d ago

Young male protagonists in the shonen genre with highly idealized worldviews isn't anything new. They've existed way before Naruto. You've got to keep in mind that it's a staple of the genre, being that a lot of these narratives are essentially coming-of-age stories, wherein the protagonist comes to terms with harsh realities. Those romanticized notions about being the hero are there for the majority of the narrative because the character doesn't normally make the transition into maturity until the end.

Simon_Brezhnev2774d ago


Yeah i know but most of the other characters actually mature. I have yet to see Naruto mature in anyway. I know one thing though. If the main character is smart he is a coward its never smart and strong. lol. Well then again most characters smart and strong are in the Seinen genre.

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