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Clive Thompson on the Importance of Fan Fiction

Wired's Clive Thompson writes, "So, you know Gravitation, the manga about musician Shuichi Shindou and his band, Bad Luck, and how he’s trying to become Japan’s next musical sensation while winning the heart of Yuki?

Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either. But a lot of young people have, and they’re deeply, deeply into it. Indeed, they’re so swept up that they’re writing their own stories set in the Gravitation universe. If you go to — a popular archive of fan-authored stories — Gravitation is one of the bigger categories, with 5,810 stories, clocking in at about 5 million words."

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Lord_Sloth2845d ago

I don't even keep up with much anime and even I've heard of it. Never watched it but I know what it is.