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School Days Complete Series Anime Review [Fandompost]

Fandompost's Chris Beveridge wirtes:"There’s a lot of reasons to really hate this show, but I found a whole hell of a lot of reasons to find each episode to be thrilling to watch. It’s a show that definitely should be seen just to know which side of the fence you’ll end up on."

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D3acon3131d ago

I blogged about this anime a few months back. I gave it a 6/10 bringing the score up because of the ending. In short I thought most of the situations were plausible but there wasn't enough time for these characters to become so emotional invested. It was a good shot into something different bur needed more episodes for character development. Good review.

Justin_Bieber_fan3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

admit it, you gave it a low score because you felt butthurt. This series had enough character development. At least from the 3 main ones... Many people on Anime News Network gave the anime bad rating because they don't understand the appeal of NTR either.

Simon_Brezhnev3130d ago

lmao coming from a Justin Bieber fan.

Instigator3130d ago

You can't write off every bad score as the reviewer not appreciating NTR. The show has bigger problems than that. It doesn't take a superior intellect to enjoy, and it definitely doesn't stand as a pinnacle of the medium.

Yeah, irony strikes at the best of times.


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