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XSeed Looking To Release Limited Edition Copies Of The Last Story

After the supposedly huge success of Xenoblade Chronicles in the United States, publishers XSeed games are looking to produce a Limited Edition copy of Mistwalker’s latest effort – The Last Story.

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Tuxedo_Mask2850d ago

If this happens I'll probably try to get it. It is very possible that The Last Story will be the last game I ever buy.

Tuxedo_Mask2849d ago

If I can get the job I'm looking to get I won't have time anymore. Any free time I would have would be reserved for my girl and possibly the family we might start after we've settled.

Instigator2849d ago

It won't disappoint, I can tell you that.

Jihaad_cpt2849d ago

You must be applying for a doctor's position or something heavy! Good luck hope it works out.

Xof2850d ago

Xenoblade, a huge success? Surely that cannot be. Such would imply that Nintendo of America's initial... and many subsequent evaluations of the game's appeal to American audiences was incorrect.


I mean, Jesus ****ing Christ. Will these Japanese companies EVER get over their ass-backwards idea of what American audiences like and don't like? The reason those early JRPGs failed here was because you released them on the 360, failing to grasp most of JRPG fanbase was with Sony! The reason those high-profile games bombed was because they were genuinely awful!

Looking at you, Square Enix.

There's a market for good games EVERYWHERE. The Internet has birthed a monoculture; and even without it, we're all so much more alike than different every human being on this godforsaken planet may as well be identical to the next.

Instigator2849d ago

Let's hope Nintendo decide to prioritize these titles in the future. With Nintendo's well-known problem with 3rd party support, they shouldn't leave these kinds of self-published games in Japan. And at least Xenoblade has shown that there's an audience for them.