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How the streaming revolution is changing the Japanese animation industry

Step into the boutique world of Japanese animation though and it's a different story. Western fans eager to see the latest shows but unable to receive Japanese television -- and often too impatient to wait for a UK or US release -- frequently turned to fansubs, unauthorised fan-translated uploads of practically every anime series to air in Japan, to get their fix. Over the last four years though, that situation has begun to change.

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GillHarrison2773d ago

I'm a huge collector when it comes to DVDs and Blu-rays, but I also love to stream shows as they play. Crunchyroll is great and FUNimation is going in an amazing direction with subs as the air and dubs the same day as the physical release.

Instigator2773d ago

I think services like Crunchyroll and Netflix is a great idea, and while they're not perfect they can only get better. Personally I would prefer them if they had a bigger library of both new and old, if Crunchyroll fixed those region restrictions and Netflix added subbed shows. For now I prefer supporting the industry by purchasing the physical copies when they are available in Europe, although that comes at a premium price.

Tony-Red-Grave2773d ago

hulu has some animes, subbed, with sub options. So thats another site thats good for streaming anime.

Instigator2773d ago

So I've heard, but it's unfortunately not available in Europe.

Tony-Red-Grave2772d ago

thats a shame but thats why sites like chrunyroll exist