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First 'Gintama: The Movie' Dub Cast Credits Revealed

Some copies of the May 29th release of Gintama: The Movie have landed into people's hands and that means the dissecting of the dub cast is becoming a big part of the fun. One of the recipients of the early release has posted some partial credits to the forum and it certainly looks like an interesting cast for the first time the show has received an English language dub. Sentai Filmworks previously released four sets of the series, subtitled only, on DVD but it didn't do well enough to go after more. They have indicated that depending on how the movie release does, which is getting both a DVD and Blu-ray bilingual release, they may pursue more episodes and may consider dubbing what has come before if the interest and sales are strong enough. Kyle Jones is directing and it was previously revealed that Chris Patton would be playing Gin.

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