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Spanish retailer lists Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi HD Collection

Spanish retailer is listing a Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi HD Collection for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (complete with box art).

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iChii2764d ago

Omg, oh my god, OH MY GOD, YES. PLEASE DO.

koga882764d ago

What is the point of an HD collection that is all fighting games that tell the same exact story? Oh look how good this fight between Vegeta and Goku looks in this version of Tenkaichi HD instead of this other version of Tenkaichi kept in the same package. Redundant.

BubloZX2763d ago

Same can be said for virtually every game with a sequel, and every fighting game too so your point is?

koga882763d ago

Far from it. Past HD collections have each had a unique story compared to other games in the collection. Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, even Resident Evil HD Collections all had a story that was different between each game. So it is definitely strange you believe every game with a sequel just repeats the story over and over again, isn't that the exact opposite of a sequel and just another reiteration?

Even a collection of the two Blazblue games would make sense, but fighting games, especially the DBZ ones which tell the same exact story each time, just with a couple of different mechanics.

BubloZX2763d ago

@koga88 all the the games you just listed all bring the same thing to the table. Same game play different story. Dragonball Z flips it with different mechanics but same story. They do throw in the occasional what-if scenerios to try and keep things interesting.