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One Piece Anime May 2012 Schedule

4 episodes this month.

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tayz3850d ago

i dont like this fishman arc.. sort of boring.

silvacrest3849d ago

gotta agree, i remember talking to a friend about the fishman arc (he reads the manga, i dont). i was so excited because the crew were getting back together plus they were stronger so epic fights should be a given, he just had a meh look on his face, now i know why.....

gaffyh3849d ago

So far, this is the worst canon One Piece arc imo, and I thought the Rescue Ace arc was bad, but this is much worse.

Simon_Brezhnev3849d ago

Even the most boring OP arc is better than Naruto. The arc is OK you know its just the flashback you hate. Just about 80% Naruto is flashbacks now.

iChii3846d ago

I The flashbacks are boring but I bet once the fighting starts it'll make up for the boring flashbacks.

smashcrashbash3849d ago

Please. As soon as the people in One Piece aren't kicking and punching everyone suddenly it's boring.They have to develop the characters and create a story. One Piece isn't Dragon Ball Z or Bleach where they just jump from one fight to another with some idiotic excuse for a filler in between.

They are more powerful but is would make One Piece as dumb and just plan violent just like those other animes. There have to be moments of peace and development as well as fighting or it just mindless garbage.We have to lead up to the fighting just like in Samurai X. If they just jumped in and started fighting Fishmen left and right then One Piece wouldn't be the great anime it is.If that is all you want then One Piece probably isn't the anime for you.

gaffyh3849d ago

Who said that that is why people think this arc is shit so far? The Rescue Ace arc had loads and loads of pointless fighting, and there were points in that arc that were terrible, and no progress was made in the story.

This arc is going at an incredibly slow pace, and I actually would prefer it if they had a short filler arc (if it can be as good as the G8 arc for example), and then go back to canon at a faster pace. Seriously man, Zoro's been drowning for like 8 weeks.

smashcrashbash3849d ago

Zoro isn't drowning he was captured by the fishmen. What are you going on about? And how was the Rescue Ace arc pointless. They were trying to save Ace. How was that pointless? White Beard and Ace dying was the point. It was a big battle. Would you have preferred that everyone just jumped in, they killed Ace and Whitebeard and everyone ran back home? You are just proving exactly what I just said. You just want it to go faster to get to the fighting. They are building up to the final climax. What do you want it to go faster for? They are trying to explain why the conflict is going on between them and the rest of the Fishmen.

gaffyh3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Wow, you really think I was serious about Zoro drowning? What i'm saying is that they showed him drowning, and 8 weeks later, they have shown nothing about him at all. And yes I know he was captured by the pirates.

Also, I didn't say that the arc was pointless, I said A LOT of the fighting was pointless, where Luffy and the Whitebeard pirates were simple fighting waves and waves of enemies. With one actual new thing happening at the end of each episode.

The pace of this arc is too slow because the animators need to make some space between the manga and anime. It's not about wanting it to get to the fights, it's about wanting the story to actually progress at a natural speed, and not feeling incredibly dragged out at all times.

Don't get me wrong, I love One piece, it's fantastic, but this arc is by far the worst of the entire canon arcs, by a country mile.

Ryasha3849d ago

"Worst Canon arc by a country mile"

Yeah no. You can believe that if you want but for me, the worst canon arc has got to be the Davy Back Fight arc. The only entertaining thing about that boring heap was the Afro Luffy thing.
The rest? I had a hard time staying awake.

deep_fried_bum_cake3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )


The Rescue Ace arc? Really? It's the Marineford arc and you're really saying that there was a lot of pointless fighting? It was a war, that's what happens in war, people fight.

As for your opinion on the fishman island arc, it's not one of the worse arc in the series, it's actually quite good. The story is very interesting and continues the theme of xenophobia that started in the sabaody archipelago arc.

But I do agree that it is moving very slowly, it seems to be moving slower than the manga as I waited ages to see luffy's haki used on that army but it wasn't forthcoming. Dunno if its happened yet though as I haven't watched in about a month.

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silvacrest3849d ago

you have misunderstood us i think, i dont need or want constant fighting for no real reason, i just want a good entertaining story and so far the fishman arc has not delivered

a good example of i mean is the ace/luffy/sabo arc, no real fighting, no real progression but i was entertained all the way through, and a back story regarding characters i actually care about is key