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FUNimation Sets August Anime Release Slate

The information has come down to retailers with the folks at TRSI on top of the game by listing everything with the first blush details that are available for FUNimation’s slate of anime DVD and Blu-ray releases come August. And there’s certainly some interesting new and old titles in there for fans. On the SAVE side, we get re-releases like Disgaea and Kaleido Star. Their Classics line gets an interesting mix of titles too with Trinity Blood, Texhnolyze and Ergo Proxy, bringing at least two older Geneon titles back to the surface and ones that certainly are welcome to see again. Also coming from the Geneon days but getting different treatment is Shakugan no Shana‘s first season as it’s getting a DVD/BD combo release. And on the new side of titles there’s also Freezing, Is This A Zombie? and Shangri-La, which is getting both parts released at once.

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