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Diehard GameFAN: Occult Academy Complete Series Premium Edition Review

DHGF: The series is very well done, with most of the episodes being self contained while slowly inching towards the end goal. At only thirteen episodes one would think the series feels rushed (as most anime series seem to have a 25-26 episode set), but it plays out wonderfully. I honestly think if things went longer the joke would have started to get stale or the plot would have become convoluted. As it stands, Occult Academy is just the right length and each episode was a blast to sit through. I am torn on the last episode. On one hand I loved what the Nostradamus Key ended up being and it was a great twist. On the other I didn’t like the actual ending as no theory of time travel out there has changing the past working in that manner. Still, since it’s a theoretical science at best, I didn’t mind too much. Plus it was a cute ending, so what the hey?

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