One Piece Live Action, Release Date, and Trailer

one piece live action release date trailer

With over 1,000 episodes and still running, the popular series One Piece by legendary mangaka Eiichiro Oda will receive a Live-Action Adaptation in 2023. As a result, many fans of the series have expressed mixed reactions, some are excited, and some do not want to be disappointed by a Live Action version of the series. Though fans may be going into the series with various anticipation levels, knowing Eiichiro Oda is supervising it is a relief. So, without further ado, follow this guide on the One Piece Live Action release date, trailer, and more.

One Piece – Live Action Release Date and How to Watch

The popular anime and manga One Piece will receive a Live Action, which will release on August 31, 2023. The series will have eight episodes and will be streamed on Netflix. It will feature the following actors the Straw Hat crew, various Villains, and featured characters in the adaptation.

  • Monkey D Luffy as Iñaki Godoy
  • Roronoa Zoro as Mackenyu Arata
  • Nami as Emily Rudd
  • Usopp as Jacob Romero Gibbs
  • Sanji as Taz Skylar
  • Koby as Morgan Davies
  • Buggy as Jeff Ward
  • Garp as Vincent Regan
  • Shanks as Peter Gadiot
  • Fullbody as Jean Henry
  • Dracule Mihawk as Steven Ward

One Piece – Trailer

In the trailer, the One Piece adaptation will cover the first few arcs in the Straw Hats journey. Ready to set off into the Grand Line, we see Luffy gathering his crew and meeting new enemies, which will reoccur throughout the series and proclaim to be the King of Pirates.

However, Live-Action Adaptations often do not sit well with the fans of the series’ fans due to stuffing too much content into a movie or completely off-marker (Death Note). As a result, many fans of the popular series are with high expectations.

With that said, the latest trailer does look promising, as Eiichiro Oda himself promised the series won’t launch “until I’m satisfied.”


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