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Welcome to AnimeShinbun


I expect most of you reading this will be coming here via N4G, so you should all be familiar with the way things are done around here. For the rest of you though, here's a quick little summary.

AnimeShinbun is a new social news site devoted to anime, manga, fandom and Japanese culture, and is part of the wider Newsboiler network of social news sites, including (Video Games), (Tech, Computing and Internet), (Movies) and (Soccer).

Our in-house developed Newsboiler platform allows members to not only participate in discussions regarding the news, but to contribute news stories to the site themselves, either by sending in tips, or for those who pass a basic contributors test, to actually submit full news articles themselves. This software will be continuously evolving, and we fully intend to add additional features to the network over the coming months, based on feedback from the community. It's expected that all the Newsboiler sites will end up being quite distinct from each other by the end of the year, with each community having its own distinct needs.

For those of you who don't know me by the way (which, again, is probably most of you) could probably just Google me, I'm not all that difficult to track down. ^^;; But to save you some time though, I'm Archaic, the Site and Community manager for AnimeShinbun. Some of you may have heard of me for my work in the Pokémon and Nintendo fandoms, where I'm webmaster of popular fansite and its wiki the Bulbapedia, and have recently established the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance (NIWA) together with Super Mario Wiki and Zelda Wiki. I've also been involved in the occasional freelance work in fansubbing and scanlation, but not generally under this name, so I'll leave you to try and dig up the amateurish examples of my work there on your own. ^^;

If any of you have any questions regarding the site, please feel free to ask them in the comments to this blog post, or send me a PM. Likewise, if you have any feedback on the site and its features, or even any feature requests, don't hesitate in letting us know.

Welcome everyone, to AnimeShinbun. =)

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Asuka3682d ago

I can't wait for the community to grow and expand! The site looks great, and looks slick and is amazingly user friendly imo.

Myst3681d ago

Found this by 'accident' I guess one could say when clicking around on N4G. Seems like a pretty interesting place and has a nice premise to it. Since I've been falling behind on Anime and manga as of late I'm hoping this site will help just like N4G 'helped' with games here and there.

ShinGundam3680d ago

Looks great, I hope you keep it safe and clean :) we don't need another website Filled with pantsu shots or other crap.

Archaic3680d ago

We'll be keeping things reasonably clean, though I can't guarantee anything from some of the sources. ^^;; Though with recent series like Chu-Bra and B-gata H-kei, and Gainax announcing series like "Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt", it might be a little hard to be totally family friendly. Still, we'll at least be keeping the images and any inserted videos safe for work, even if the subject matter may not always be perfectly safe for children.

ShinGundam3679d ago

What i want to say , we don't need a sankaku clone :(
Anyway good luck, I will try to submit some good news as soon as possible :D

Tetsuryu3678d ago

I'm glad such a site exists along N4G and the others. I will try to pitch in here and there.

Concerning the relation tags, will there be an option for contributors to manually add new tags to the existing list? This site seems to lack that feature compared to N4G. At least that's how it appears to be on my end.

Not to nitpick or anything, but shouldn't "serie" be "series"? Unless if you're speaking Swedish.

Archaic3678d ago

The ability to add tags will be added, yes. Actually, I'm not entirely sure why it's not already enabled, I was under the impression it was for contributors. I'll bring it up with the tech people. Likewise that "serie" bit. That was reported to them a while back also. I'm guessing they're just sleeping off the several nights without sleep they had before the sites launched. ^^;

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