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Great Anime From the 80’s; Angel Cop

Great Anime From the 80’s; Angel Cop

I was looking through my collection when I ran across a small anime called Angel Cop. I watched it a few times and this latest time just reminded me of just how violent and extreme the violence was back then.

Angel Cop is about two cops working for the Special Security Force designed to fight terrorism. Angel is the main protagonist and she is partnered with a male named Raiden who apparently thinks a leather jacket and no shirt is appropriate attire, I guess it is the late 80’s.

The story begins with Raiden and Angel in a car chase with some terrorist and Raiden is seriously injured at which point he tells Angel to proceed to chase them, she does it without hesitation knowing that he was going to die without help. This then leads Raiden being turned into a cyborg, ala Robo Cop, to prevent him from dying.

The actual anime itself is just a classic 80’s action movie and is very entertaining as they introduce another “anti terrorist’ group who use psyonic powers to achieve their objectives. The leader of the three man team is called Lucifier a tall blond who doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in her way, or just to the side of her for that matter. They typically just make people heads explode and set them on fire.

Later it comes down to a duel between technology and biology as the final showdown begins. I think it’s the action sequences that are paramount to making this an enjoyable movie to watch and Angel learns a lesson.

Anyone too young that has not seen this owes themselves to find this series, it’s only about 6 episodes and plays out like a feature length movie. After going through my collection of vhs I started repurchasing them on dvd because they were dirt cheap like; wicked city, cyber city, vampire hunter D.

I think these movies still hold up today even though the dubbing can be a little off but I think it’s part of their charm. So does anyone else have some of these great and ridiculously violent animes sitting around in their home?

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