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Anime You Should Be Watching; Corpse Princess

Corpse Princess

This was the anime that brought back to anime after I was on a bit of a hiatus. I was looking at netflix one day and thought I might give it a try after weeks of skipping over it. I got to say that this was a very nice looking anime and the story was even more compelling. As soon as I finished watching I bought the dvd, I believe there on only two season which is about 25/26 episodes. I would like to see another season, so anyone in the know post a comment.

The story follows a girl named Makina Hoshimura who is basically a walking corpse called Shikabane Hime. Her sole purpose is to track and kill evil shikabane along side a monk that has been contracted to her. The contracted monk is bound to his Shikabane Hime and she shares his life force to heal. What makes this interesting is that the Shikabane Hime can easily become an evil Shikanbane but the monk is able to keep them in check with his life force.

Each one of these girls are required to kill 108 of these evil corpses and are lead to believe that they would be released into heaven after achieving their goal and fulfilling the contract with their monk. These contracts are not easy to form because the monk and his Shikabane must share a bond and for Makina, her monk was someone she knew from the past named Keisei Tagamied a priest from the Kougan sect.

Keisei has a younger adopted brother named Ouri who gets drawn into this battle of corpses and basically feels the need to help Makina and the other girls as much as he can. Keisei does not want Ouri to get involved and has made every effort to keep his life secret from him and others until Ouri gets caught in the middle of a fight and sees Makina for the first time.

Corpse Princess is a good anime that is well developed and paced well and I never felt bored or confused with the story. They talk about how Shikabane are formed and the source of the power. Basically if a person has a strong regret they will hold on to it until its fulfilled but it doesn’t stop at that, at some point their desires get twisted and they begin to turn evil and transform into these monsters. A good example is one of the Shikabane is a singer who just wants to keep singing, but it twists into an obsession and she begins to kill people who don’t listen to her songs. Each one of the girls are similar and for the most part you can figure out what their regret or obsession might be just by watching but with the help of being bonded to their monk they don’t transform.

Another thing that is introduced is that each one of the girl has a curse that corresponds to their obsession. It can either make them stronger or weaker depending on the actual obsession and usually it will put a major drain on the monk and can even kill him.

As the series progresses you get treated to two different threats, one is a rogue monk that was once in the Kougan sect and the other are a group of seven Shikabane called the Seven Star. Unlike the normal Shikabane they claim that its not regret that fuels them but basically ambition and they are responsible for creating Shikabane. I will say that there is one very interesting Shikabane in the group named Hokuto who is very powerful because the reason is that she basically has no regret or obsession but I think it might be the opposite. Hokuto was basically a person that was bred to be sacrificed and so she never experienced having a life but her life was never really bad or good. So I would say that life was her obsession and in the anime she couldn’t really connect with people unless you inflicted pain on her or vise versa.

In the end I thought this was a very compelling anime and with some twists and just good animation and pacing. There are some humorous scenes mostly involving Ouri and Keise. Keise is an Otaku and always has a lot of girl figurines and posters and what have you, however, he’s always planting it in Ouri room and on his person saying that its healthy for him as a man to carry those things. Later on, shortly after Ouri gets involved starts seeing a talking black cat and you don’t know if its in his head or if their something else going on. I would recommend this anime to anyone and I know they would enjoy it.

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