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Why Do We Like Anime?

Why Do We Like Anime?

A lot of us watch anime, some perhaps have been watching for a year or two others may span into years or decades. I guess it doesn't really matter how or when but my question is why do we watch anime and continue to watch? And why do we like anime?

Personally I fall into the category of more than a decade of watching and despite a brief hiatus I still continue to watch and enjoy anime. I believe at first it started as something different than what was normally shown on TV, the way the characters were drawn and the actual character of the characters. Then maybe the expanding stories and seeing the story and people evolve over time kept me coming back. I will admit back then some of the more adult anime was over my head and going back and watching them again, being older now, has given me a better perspective and understanding for them. As time went on, the style changed and eventually became easier to obtain meaning more to watch and more variety which I believed led to a deeper appreciation.

Besides being a form of entertainment it has been a form of relaxation of the mind, trust me a good anime series will help you forget about your problems, however, I want to go beyond that. I love watching movies but I have never truly experienced an emotional response for a character or particular situation like I have in anime. I've never just had my heart sank for an animated character or experienced joy for a particular character when they achieve their goal.

The last point I want to make is about inspiration, anime has a variety of forms, ideas, and plots that would be almost impossible for someone not to find something they like but also it inspires innovation or new ways of perceiving different things. For me anime has inspired me musically and how I play my bass guitar.

So what would you say is the reason you like anime, watch anime and still continue to do so?

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SynGamer1980d ago

For me, I started watching anime back in the late 90's (junior high). What immediately caught my attention was 1) it was animated/cartoon, and 2) it was (at times) far more brutal and mature than your typical American cartoon.

As I continued to watch anime over the years I felt the stories and characters were better and it was just more enjoyable. That isn't to say there aren't any American cartoons that aren't good, quite the opposite, but anime just had that appeal to me as a young adult seeking more mature themes.

I still watch anime these days, and read manga. And like when I first started, it comes back to enjoyable stories and characters. It also helps that the art and English dubbing have improved greatly since the late 90's.

D3acon1980d ago

Nothing quite beats that first experience. It seems your world expands just a little and makes you question your reality. :)

aDDicteD1979d ago

I started watching anime because of the good story and very well done fight scenes which you wont see in cartoons and even on superhero cartoons that I liked back in the 90's like x-men and batman which will only have a very short fight scenes while in the anime there are ton's and well crafted fight scenes like dragon ball Z, yuyu hakusho, etc. It's just so much fun to watch anime plus there are tons of plot twist, drama, and character build-up which will make you watch and like it.

D3acon1979d ago

I understand about the fights. Dragon ball Z is notorious for milking a fight scene. I still remember waiting for goku to get into the fight, a whole episode would pass before a punch is thrown and you'd sigh because you waited all week.

But when it happened they really would go at it. I mean planets exploded and all I could say was woah did a planet just explode?

Hergula1966d ago

Well, I am definitely a fresh fan of Anime to say so, started my addiction to it just 4 years ago. I have always watched a bit of Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, Pokemon, etc. as a kid. But then I watched Gundam Seed, I was hooked for life.

That was the point in time that I started watching other anime as well, branching out into other genres, and 4 years later, now, I am a huge anime fan, and have learned tons on how anime is created.

...and I guess the reason why I like it, and others, is because anime provides something films don't. In anime they present you with a wide variety of emotions, and they are not afraid of taking chances. Also, in anime, they can do more in general, and the storylines are usually breathtaking. Not only that but considering how many times I have shed a tear thanks to anime, I can honestly say they are not afraid to jump into emotional things.