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Manga You Should Be Reading; Knights of Sidonia

Knights of sidonia
I've been enjoying this Manga for a few months now and I can say the author, Tsutomu Nihei, has created a unique world. This is a mecha anime but it isn't the most important part of the series, so far. I'm into volume 7 myself and there are many battles but to me the driving force behind the series is in fact the characters.

Sidonia is basically one of the last surviving vessels from Earth. About a 1000 years ago Earth was attacked by the Gauna and only a few ships escaped and I believe that Sidonia is the only known surviving ship.

The main focus is Nagate Tanikaze apparently he has been hiding in this space city/battleship since he was an infant along with his grandfather until one day his grandfather dies,he goes out for food and basically gets caught. Eventually this leads him to becoming one of the pilots of the mech called Garne or guardians but not before being ridiculed and taunted by the others. After being caught a new world opens up to him and it's at this point we as readers realize how much the human race has diverged. Humans are now more or less clones or are grown who use photosynthesis as a means of getting energy and many look the same but have their own distinctive personality. There are a few other odd quirks also when it comes to genders. Then of course humans are not alone, anyone familiar with anime you get the often odd animal character which may be due to genetic hybrids. Nagate takes this all in stride even though they think he is very odd and an outcast, they often remark how much he stinks and the fact he has to eat.

The characters aside, the enemy they fight are called gauna , they are like a living placenta powered by a core or can have multiple cores which is nothing new, however they can also change forms and eventually start mimicking crew members and the very weapons they use against them. Up to this point there is no explanation as to why they are being hunted and what their motivations are other than destroy the humans.

Underneath the surface of this Manga is some intrigue and almost some cloak and dagger cover ups. Which involve "The Immortal Crew" basically they are the leaders of the Sidonia and wear masks to conceal their identity. Rogue scientists who have been experimenting with the gauna and ways of combating them. Through the series they give you a sense of political struggle and power and things from the past slowly resurfacing that only a select few are aware. Nagate himself is mired in secrets that he himself doesn't realize.

I know I probably made this sound like a very serious toned Manga but it does balance itself with some humor which right now seems like some harem action starting to happen.

I believe this is a great Manga for those who love mech and evolving story. This series has got me excited about the anime releasing in the coming months. Not a fan of CG but it does look good and merits a watch.

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SynGamer2668d ago

Very interesting. I'm trying to hold off on buying manga until 1) I update my excel file so I know what I actually have, and 2) Anime North is coming soon which is a great time for me to buy manga in bulk.

That said, I'm really looking forward to checking out the anime.

D3acon2668d ago

I don't think you'll be disappointed. Anime North is that a way to get cheaper anime or Manga?

SynGamer2667d ago

On Sundays they usually have "buy 5 get 1 free" and usually it's US prices but for Canadian dollar/currency. Some great savings to be had :)