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Middle Tennessee Anime Convention: In Love

Well it looks like its that time again and of course i’m referring to MTAC or Middle Tennessee Anime Convention with the theme “In Love” starting next week. It appears that this year it is going to be hosted in murfreesboro at the Embassy Suites. Last year it was in downtown nashville and as my first convention, I did have a good time. I was really impressed by the number of cosplayers.

This year MTAC will be from April 18-20 beginning next Friday. Hopefully I will be able to make the convention on Saturday. There seems to be a lot of events going on including the cosplay competition, AMV contest, as well as a 90 minute movie called Forbidden Superhero, which i’ve heard about; a guy is given super powers by wearing womens’ underwear. And of course the infamous Ramen eating competition. This year they are having a Love Serenade final fantasy themed ball with people dressed in their best, cosplay or formal attire with a live symphony.

I really enjoyed myself the first time and hopefully I will be able to attain this year. Last time I just downloaded an app that was a guide for the events and even let you pick what you wanted to schedule and then alert you. It helped out but I still enjoyed roaming around between times checking everything out. I told myself if I come back again I would need to take more pictures and get more footage of the event, and hopefully i’ll also have some friends attended this time around.

If you’re going to be in the area why not check out the MTAC webpage, just google it. Because they are going to have plenty of panels and of course some guests.

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D3acon1835d ago

Looks like I will be able to participate this Friday. Really looking forward to it.

D3acon1827d ago

It's been about a week since mtac. I only spent about 2 hours there this year and got virtually no pictures but mg cousin was able to attend. While the overall experience was good I think there should be better organization. When we arrived there was a line stretched halfway around the hotel and apparently started at hotel entrance. Some people had their bagges others did not. There were no signs or anyone given direction. Once we entered we went to the service center and went were directed and so one line coming in and one going out and meeting in The center. So we asked a director and after following for five minutes and asking someone he didn't know. So we went to the gaming area and walked around before going into sellers area. After about 30 minutes we made our purchases and desperately tried to find an exit apparently it's on the opposite side of the room. So the guy directed us to go around again then asked us where are badges were, explain ed the situation and was asked to leave the seller area. So we thought we found a. Exit. It was a makeshift fire exit and apparently was radioed by the first guy that we were suppose to leave and thus escorted back to the first entrance we came from. We explored a bit more before leaving and noticed the line was still about the same. So we asked a d was told it moved about 2 feet every 15 minutes.

1814d ago