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Anime You Should be Watching; Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia is a mech anime which has a lot of intrigue with the characters and a lot of mystery surrounding the founders of their modern society. While there is a lot of action, the characters present some interest as well but none more than the main protagonist; Nagate Tanikaze who has a very interesting background.

The story takes place about 1000 years in the future in which earth had been destroyed by an enemy known as Gauna. The populace had formed hundreds of these massive seed ships and Sidonia is one of these ships. As the years passed the ships lost contact making Sidonia possibly the last ship.

Netflix has taken the role of adding this series to their lineup under original series and I believe the first series covers about the first 4 volumes of the Manga in 10 episodes and I believe season 2 will start October or November.

I have to say that I was wrong about the CGI in Knights of Sidonia although it was good enough I still would have liked a more traditional approach. The best use is during the action sequences and in scenes when they are in outer space floating around, but during other sequences the characters just didn’t seem to be “alive.” Other than that it should not hamper your enjoyment of this awesome anime and after the second episode it becomes less apparent. I think this will be a buy when they release the entire series on blu ray.

“The main focus is Nagate Tanikaze apparently he has been hiding in this space city/battleship since he was an infant along with his grandfather until one day his grandfather dies,he goes out for food and basically gets caught. Eventually this leads him to becoming one of the pilots of the mech called Garne or guardians but not before being ridiculed and taunted by the others. After being caught, a new world opens up to him and it's at this point we as readers realize how much the human race has diverged. Humans are now more or less clones or are grown who use photosynthesis as a means of getting energy and many look the same but have their own distinctive personality. There are a few other odd quirks also when it comes to genders. Then of course humans are not alone, anyone familiar with anime you get the often odd animal character which may be due to genetic hybrids. Nagate takes this all in stride even though they think he is very odd and an outcast, they often remark how much he stinks and the fact he has to eat every day instead of once a week.”

“The characters aside, the enemy they fight are called gauna , they are like a living placenta powered by a core or can have multiple cores which is nothing new, however they can also change forms and eventually start mimicking crew members and the very weapons they use against them. Up to this point there is no explanation as to why they are being hunted and what their motivations are other than destroy the humans. “ These were some quotes I made when I talked about the manga, no need to repeat what’s already been said. :)

The anime pretty much follows the manga but I did notice some changes in the beginning and i’m sure there were some other subtle things changed to make the story a little more coherent. I like to call the "Dragon Ball Z Kai effect" a lot of filler and perhaps character development has been dropped and it seems that some of the sequences are in a slightly different order.

One of the things I thought was interesting was during the beginning, one of the pilots die but it just seemed more graphic and violent in the manga and had a bigger impact emotionally than it did in the anime.

I love this series and hope that the second season will be even more exciting. If you have not read the Manga I would recommend it to get the full effect.

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dota2champion1695d ago

Seems interesting. I'll look into this anime, thanks

D3acon1694d ago

glad to hear, that's what i'm here for. If you like the anime then you should check out the manga. I would even suggest reading the manga regardless.