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Anime You Should be Watching; Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass

I watched this anime a couple of weeks ago on Netflix and I have to apologize to the creator and artists who worked on this anime. I thoroughly enjoyed this anime from beginning to end and I hope there will be another season or even prequel added.

Psycho pass is intriguing because of the world that is created. The year is 2113 and society is monitored by the Sibyl System which monitors the psychological welfare of the populace. If your psycho pass, or criminal index, is too high then inspectors with their enforcers are sent to either capture or to judge and terminate if their is no way the person can be redeemed. The method of enforcement is with the use of the dominator, a weapon that is linked to the Sibyl system and can read Psycho passes instantly. The gun is wired into the users mind and speaks to that person directly and determines if a kill or stun method is needed, so the enforcers themselves don’t even have to think when they pull the trigger.

The interesting thing about the Sibyl system that it basically takes away stress and monitors people for the possibility of latent criminals before they commit a crime. The problem this leads to is that people are inept of everything going on, even violent crimes such as rape and murder of a woman in a public area is met with stares of confusion as people are not accustomed to violence. There is even a scene where a man is wearing a costume and an helmet and walks into a restricted area and murders a few people and takes what he wants, why, because people assume that the Sibyl System will weed out any criminals and so if he had any violent thoughts he would be taken down by the enforcers. This aspect did remind me a lot of Minority Report, awesome movie. Can you really judge and execute people on the possibility they may commit a crime or just thinking violent thoughts?

The series main protagonist is Akane Tsunemori, a young 21 year old girl whose placement testing could have netted her some really top tier careers but she chose to be an inspector. You basically get to witness the world as she goes through it. I do like the fact that you are getting the perspective from someone who has a uniquely clean psycho pass and the effects of her job on someone who lives a stress free life. The second protagonist is Shinya Kogami a 28 year old enforcer who was once an inspector like Akane but his Psycho Pass became “cloudy” because he had to think like a criminal to catch a criminal and is now labeled a latent criminal. He is probably one of the coolest characters in a while because of his detective skills and determination. His main goal is to find out who Shogo makishima is and explode him with his dominator. The other characters are interesting as well and some interesting twists come up later on, the only problem is that one character in particular gets no in depth background like some of the others, of course i’m referring to Kagari. The only thing you know about his past is that he was labeled a latent criminal at the age of 5 and has been held by the agency since then and is an enforcer. That alone is enough to warrant some intrigue of a person shunned from society at the age of 5 and brings some interesting questions.

I’m not going to go too much into the plot because I don’t want to spoil anything but their nemesis is a man called Shogo Makishima who wants to expose the Sibyl system and how bad it is for society and is a terrorist. The interesting thing about his character is that he doesn’t really commit the crime himself but through his charisma manipulates people to create the crimes themselves.

I think the story is great and the world presented seems to be real, my only gripe is that I think I would like to see more of that world or at least know a little more. The pacing of the story is excellent and the story does offer some twists that you do not expect. The characters are great and I enjoyed every one of them and their voice acting.

The idea of a Utopian society is always exciting to see and you have to wonder what would be the trade off for such a society. To have your hardest decisions made for you and live a happy carefree life, of course some freedoms will have to be given up for the greater good. Stress is important in life for our health and was interesting as one scene shows people just basically going catatonic and eventually dying, while others die due to the least bit of stress because their bodies where not use to it.

Before I end this I want to say that the technology in this world would be so awesome. I’m referring to the holograms. You can change your entire room to something else and even clothes can be changed in this way on the spot. If you haven’t check this anime out you are doing yourself a disservice.

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SynGamer1691d ago

Saw this is on Netflix, may have to check it out.

SynGamer1689d ago

It's DUBBED (which I personally prefer) and the first episode was interesting. Good intro song too. Wish I had checked this out Friday night or something, and not yesterday afternoon :P

D3acon1689d ago

Glad to hear it. I guess I should start mentioning if the anime is dubbed or not. I prefer dubbed so i'm not missing the action because of reading. I do like how netflix is keeping up with a lot of popular anime.

CaptainYesterday1689d ago

I've been meaning to watch Psycho Pass I just haven't got around to it yet and it looks like something I would really enjoy too.

1686d ago