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Mahoujin Guru Guru? Damn, now that's a series I haven't heard the name of for a long while. I loved the original anime, but it never had a clear finish. Hopefully this new one doesn't try to compress things down too much.

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Holiday contest winners are up. Was a tough fought match this year. In the end, it surprisingly came down to who attempted the most questions. While the contest was set up so that wrong answers would give a penalty, after applying those penalties the actual final rank order didn't change at all!

EDIT: It's too late for me to reply to the comments below, so I'll edit in my reply here.
I'll add the full list of answers to next month's contest post...

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If you haven't had an approved story, make sure you at least report issues/spam or make a comment on a story. Not exactly all that demanding. ;)

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Thankfully, both of those questions should be able to be answered by Googling. ;)

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It's a good thing all the anime the questions are about are readily available on Crunchyroll then. And if you don't have the time to watch.... there's always Google-sensei. ;)

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Eh, only if you don't participate. ;) I think the smallest winning total we've had previously was 6 questions, though I don't think this year's questions are quite as nasty as that year was.

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Remember to check back every day for each new question. I'll be adding them as close as I can to the same time each day, though I'll probably end up being a few hours either side on most days.

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Interesting. Yen Press only just formed a tie-up with Bookwalker a few months back. I suppose ComiXology is a more well known and supported platform in the west, but Bookwalker is one of the premier Japanese eBook stores for manga.

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All winners are now up, and tickets have been sent out.

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I actually own all of this series in Japanese. Been ages since I read it though. I have to admit, I always thought the themes involved in this manga would've prevented it getting widely released, but I suppose the anime content that came to international markets was still in the fairly tame end of the series.

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Realistically, I suppose she's only barely more photo-shopped than other celebrities and models. Still feels odd to have Shampoo promoted by... someone? something? ... that doesn't have actual tangible physical hair though.

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I need this so badly. I imagine the odds of an international release are pretty low though, with all the licensing issues. Hopefully there'll be a way to side-load this.

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All under control, apart from the unpacking. Probably be weeks if not months before we get all the merch on display again. ^^;;

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You may, yes. You may also submit revised/updated answers for trivia questions.

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Not much time left to get entries in for this competition! Better be fast!

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Just a reminder that you still have plenty of time to get your entries in for this competition.

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No, this is more a case of busting Al Capone for tax evasion.

A quick bit of background. As I'd mentioned in this month's contest blog, I was planning to post an updated version of the "On submissions, approvals, and comments" blog post after Christmas. Before doing that, I wanted to start a conversation with regards to those types of articles, as I in response to Thunder_God's comment on that blog.

Yesterday, I started to put together a...

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I think we're all looking forward to the day when the tag system as it currently stands gets replaced....

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Well, I'm not going to name names....but yes, the conversation I wanted to have was on exactly those kinds of articles. I try to push through articles which stay in the queue for a couple of days and are appropriate for the site, but those sort of articles I simply won't touch. They're not *inappropriate* for the site as such, but the volume of them that we're receiving in comparison to the number of news articles has clearly gone too far.

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For the record BTW....someone actually got their name drawn for both contests this month. We've had that blurb down the bottom there for a while now about people only being eligible for one prize, etc. That was added in the context of Christmas contests some time ago where the prizes weren't equal, but as that didn't work with how we've structured things here I had to tack an extra bit on the end. Setting things up that way sounds like it should be fairest for everyone in the ...

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