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Nihongo wakarimasen
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if you watched the second half of the anime then this movie will be so repetitive, boring and predictable it's just a waste of time to watch.

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easily the best anime of last year considering all the trash we get these days. Moe, ecchi, slice of life and that's it.

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a little expensive for how small it is. It shouldn't be more than 70k if you ask me.

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oh dear, it looks sooo bad. The movie had action but it was more serious than this Jason Statham's wanna-be action flick. This girl had very serious psychological issues after all the rape and bad things that her boss did to her. She hardly even talked but here she seems like the super girl Jovovich on Resident Evil.

When it comes to videogames-movies or anime-movies hollywood doesn't know shit. Like they just read the premise on wikipedia and then do whatever the fuc...

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Berserk lol

The mangaka started a new manga, so forget that Berserk even exists. XD

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so many Top 10's for the year yet they are all the same. They do have different animes in it but they all have the same 2 genres: ecchi and moe. Hippo and Titan are the only ones that break from the monotony. It's like anime is now only made for horny teenagers or perverts in general. =/

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the problem with these movies is that the Japanese try so hard to copy the source that end up with something so far from being believable it's like watching a fan-made film with cosplayers.

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Tokyo Godfathers is not an easy movie to watch in part because now that Kon died you know that greatness like this will not be replicated so easily.

But what is the most painful is that he not only couldn't finish his last movie, Dreaming Machine, but that he died young. Only 46 years old, he still had lots to offer and he was one of the very few modern anime creators that was original both in design and stories. On top of this with Miyazaki retiring too what is left in ...

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better love story than Twilight?

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the movie was nothing but a repetition of the anime but from a different perspective. Like seriously, when it comes to games and anime the Japanese are sooooo freaking lazy it's unbelievable.

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For the Japanese? Yes.

For me? Nope!

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no such thing as "good anime" anymore. Just watch whatever. They are all bad anyway.

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of-course they are! Although they helped this culture to expand outside of Japan at an alarming rate, so is not all bad.

This stuff started to get really strong around the early 2000's with the access to higher bandwidth internet to the mass market. The popularity of Naruto is mostly thanks to fansubs and scanlation but now that these companies are starting to get more greedy then it is becoming a problem for them. Because they see the expansion but they are only making s...

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this manga is stuck. Griffith is basically an angel, he transformed the world for demons and humans to live together, he has his own nation, the people love him, god himself told him he was the chosen one to lead mankind to prosperity... What can Guts do at this point? He's the only one with a grudge against him. I think he should go find his peace once Caska regains her mind. He's not alone anymore anyway. No need to go kill Griffith when the guy is not even human anymore and hardly ...

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the list was epic until the final 2 (9 & 10) extremely generic anime. Like seriously, Baka to Test? That's the kind of low quality anime you'd watch when you have way too much free time and you simply do not know what else to do with your precious life. Especially when there are much superior comedy animes around like Haruhi Suzumiya.

But an anime that never fails for people that want to start watching anime is Berserk.

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have seen em all. Genshiken is "probably" the only one worth watching though.

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indeed. Although its popularity came and went like a flash this is easily one of the best in the genre. This was one of the very few anime (and by that I mean like 3 at most) that I watched it twice in a row because it was that good.

There is something about Toradora that feels real and captivating that is hard not to like it. It doesn't matter what kind of animes you like, you'll like Toradora anyway. At some point it'll feel like it turns into a harem but this i...

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he says this almost in a daily basis, why is it news now again?

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the only cool thing about Sakura Wars is the cleaner 90's art-style. It reminds me to when I was a huge fan of anime.

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