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There's versions of Superman that can rewrite reality and even break dimensions. Goku at best is a universe destroyer. Ultra Instinct is nice but he has NOT mastered it. Where as Superman's strongest forms master godly powers.

Is there a version of Superman that Goku could beat? Sure. Death Battle premise was very stupid. A fight between the two would never go down. Superman rarely spar for fun like Goku. Superman vs Goku Black would be a better fight.

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Bring on the rape and blackmail

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Amazon was offering anime free part prime. I recall one person saying they had like 10 anime shows in their watchlist. They went back after saw everyone of them was put on this anime strike bs.

I'm going to stick with kodi when it comes to anime. If the show interest me then I will go buy it on blu-ray.

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You're going to be crying more once this live action version hits American shores. Commence the white-washing.
DBZ:Evolution 2:Hidden Leaf

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Zamasu Woooooooooooooooow!! Surely no one saw this coming.

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More like 10 anime that will be whitewashed like Dragon Ball Evolution

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I love DB the original was stronger than DBZ. Goku in DB wasn't the strongest until near the end of the series. Everyone had a purpose in DB. However DBZ most of the non-saiyan character prove to be useless. Goku majority of the time had to save the day. Naruto didn't suffer the same problem DBZ did.

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Nobody got time for all that dang clicking. This whole thing could've been shorten up into five pages or less.

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Orochimaru isn't immortal its just he enough prepared backup plans just in case his body is destroyed. Plenty of Naruto characters that could've been chosen instead of Orochimaru imho.

LMAO Oga Tatsumi wtf

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he probably will look like his father, facially.

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Most Evil Person Ever

so..... kid buu?

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because hollywood like whitewashing

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Well Chapter 700 showed Naruto children already just at an older age.

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So almost everyone cut their hair shorter except for the female characters, shikamaru and kakashi.

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durrh............. It end up that way in the manga.

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Boy does this list looks generic. Out of all the One Piece and Naruto villains , Crocodile and Orochimaru gets chosen....

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Also Naruto was publish 1997. Hunter X Hunter was publish 1998.

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Animation style or w/e called ruin it for me. However I still read the managa.

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Sound more like its going to be another one of those unnecessary long mangas.

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I never said it suck I just said it was overrated.

I actually thought the first season was okay and felt they ended it right when it started to get good. The second season just didn't carry the same weight as the first season. There were no consequences for dying in the second part. Season two just felt like your typical damsel in distress story.

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