What Are The Paths In Attack On Titan?

what are the paths in attack on titan

How Titans come into being and what connects everyone has always led to a discussion in the Attack on Titan community. Now that the manga has been completed and the anime is nearing a climax, some fans may want to freshen up their knowledge. In this guide, we’ll explain what the Paths in Attack on Titan are.

Attack on Titan – What are the Paths?

Attack on Titan is all about inheriting the Titans and passing them on. We see this time and time again, from the Friz family to the Warrior Candidates. However, there’s more to the Power of Titans than meets the eye.

As we all know, Ymir is the Founding Titan and thus can create more Titans. But what are the Paths in Attack on Titan? And how does she do this? After she died while taking an arrow to protect King Fritz, she created the alternate world of the Paths. The main purpose of the Paths is to connect the Subjects of Ymir (Eldians) and Titans to each other.

In this world, the Founding Titan/Coordinator can transfer memories and wills to her subjects. However, we also need to note that not everyone can use this power. Only those of royal blood can use the Founding Titans’ power and the Paths. This is why Eren persuades Ymir to use her power instead of doing it himself.

We also learn a few more things about the Paths. For example, have you ever wondered what would happen to a Titan Shifter if they don’t pass on their Titan? When they die, and because all Subjects of Ymir are connected through the Paths, the Power of the Titans will be passed over to the next in line through the Paths.

In the Path, we also know that time moves differently. In chapter 138, we see Mikasa and Eren live the remaining four years together in the Paths in Attack on Titan. This means, for the user, time will move however slowly if he/she wills it to.

And that’s it! We conclude our guide on what are the Paths in Attack on Titan. Looking for more AoT? Check out Who Did Gabi Kill In Attack On Titan? or Are Titans Immortal In Attack on Titan?


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