What caused the Petrification in Dr. Stone?

what caused the petrification in dr stone

The reason for the entire earth’s Petrification has always intrigued many anime enthusiasts and the characters themselves in Dr. Stone. As such, it was now up to Senku and the gang to find the reason for the Petrification and save all humanity. Although building science back from the ground up will take some time and effort, they eventually figured out why the Petrification. So, follow this guide to learn what caused the Petrification in Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone – What caused the Petrification?

The one thing that has kept Dr. Stone fans at their wit’s end is the reason for the Petrification. In the scientific world of Dr. Stone, it is most undoubtedly curious to see what is the blame for millions of people being petrified. The answer to what has caused the Petrification is the Petrification Device or Medusa.

We soon learn that the Medusa devices are connected to the Why-man, giving powerful radio wave messages to the Kingdom of Science. We also know that the Medusa devices are sentient beings tasked with the to keep humanity petrified. These devices are technological parasites and are entities that prioritize survival.

During the Moon Mission Arc, we soon learn that the Medusa devices resided on the moon. This is when they reveal their identity as the Why-man; they are the Petrification devices. As such, they are the reason for the Petrification of all humanity. However, thanks to Senku, they agree to leave humanity and seek new hosts. One Petrification Device stays behind with Senku to learn why humanity wants to advance its civilization.

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