What happened to Mei in Hell’s Paradise?

what happened to mei in hell's paradise

Hell’s Paradise is one of those anime and manga you will only understand once you get into the thick of it. Just like the characters of the series, the majority of the time, anime enthusiasts are left clueless and wondering what happened to the remaining characters. One of these characters is Mei, who could get you wondering how her existence came about. So, if you’re curious, follow this guide to learn what happened to Mei and who she is in Hell’s Paradise.

Hell’s Paradise – What happened to Mei?

Jigokuraku, or Hell’s Paradise, has been a rollercoaster ride of wacky, strange, and spicy encounters! However, thus far, the group of prisoners and executioners have not met a living soul on Shinsenkyo Island. That is until they meet a young girl named Mei and her guardian tree named Hoko. So, you may be wondering who Mei is; Mei is the first Tensen created and affiliated with Lord Tensen.

Mei was not always in a child-like body; however, when she defied Rien’s methods toward achieving immortality, Rien punished her by removing her plant ovule. As a result, she received a large scar on her back and thus reduced to a child-like body.

Mei is a clone created by Rien. She was made when Rien fell ill due to the effects of Arborification. Her husband, Jofuku, helped her create a new body using her Tao and thus created Mei along with five artificial infants. After this happened to Mei, she escaped the Horai; she was forced to engage in Bochu Jutsu with a Doshi to survive. After this, she lived happily in the abandoned Hoko village until she met Gabimaru.

And with that, we conclude this guide on what happened to Mei in Jigokuraku: Hell’s Paradise. If you enjoyed this guide, you could also check out, Why does Inosuke not have a Crow in Demon Slayer?


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