Which Demon Killed Inosuke’s Mom in Demon Slayer?

who killed inosuke's mom in demon slayer

Inosuke’s past has always been a hot topic for Kimetsu no Yaiba fans. Not only are his origins a curious thing to behold, but also his striking appearance. Although he seems to just go with the flow of things, we can tell he can remember who his birth mother is. But what’s the story behind that? So, follow this guide to learn which demon killed Inosuke’s mom in Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer – Which demon killed Inosuke’s mom?

Hashibira Inosuke has always been a curious character in the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer. Not only do we learn that a literal Boar raised him, but he was somehow able to learn to speak from the neighboring grandpa. However, in one of his flashbacks in Episode 18, we know that he actually does remember his mother or, rather, the fact she apologizes to him as she stands on a cliff, bloodied.

Based on that, we can tell that perhaps a demon is reasonable for her death. So, which demon killed Insouke’s mom in Demon Slayer? That person is Doma, the Upper-Rank Six Demon. But how did Inosuke’s mom, Hashibira Kotoha get into contact with this high-rank demon?

Well, Kotoha was a gorgeous woman; unfortunately, she had an abusive husband and mother-in-law. Once she fled, she found the Paradise Faith Cult, and Doma is the leader of this cult. Doma had taken her in because of her beauty and innocence and had grown a liking to her as he enjoyed her company.

However, as an Upper-Rank Demon, Doma still ate humans to grow in power. Kotoha then learned that Doma was eating his followers and attempted to run away with Inosuke. But, unfortunately, Doma caught up to her, killed and ate her after she threw Inosuke into a running river.

And that’s it! With that, we conclude this guide on which demon killed Inosuke’s mom in Kimetsu o Yaiba: Demon Slayer. Did you like this guide on Kimetsu no Yaiba? If so, we have plenty more where that came from! Check out, What type of Demon Is Nezuko In Demon Slayer? Or Who Betrayed Zenitsu In Demon Slayer?


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