Who is Kana Arima in love with in Oshi no Ko?

who is kana in love with in oshi no ko

As one of the major supporting characters in Oshi no Ko, it’s to be expected that Arima Kana will have feelings for the main protagonist Aqua. However, teenage love can never be easy when you work in the entertainment industry. So, follow this guide to find out who Kana Arima is in love with in Oshi no Ko.

Oshi no Ko – Who is Kana in love with?

Since the beginning of the rollercoaster ride of Oshi no Ko, when we meet Arima Kana, she feels a certain way about Aqua. Out of all of the young actors she has met, Aqua has stood out the most to Kana. At first, it was childhood jealousy because of Aqua’s skill at acting. In the present, Kana has now developed a slight crush on Aqua.

This is due to Aqua assisting Kana in her acting role, helping her shine, recruiting her to the new B-Komachi, and finding solace in her presence. Aqua has always confided in Kana about the entertainment industry or his feelings. Finding her to be mature and easy to speak to; unfortunately, while he is not necessarily leading her on, she develops feelings.

Kana is aware of her feelings for Aqua, and you can see her world turn dull when she thinks about him with Akane. You can also see the way her world brightens when he is near. While Kana acknowledges her feelings for Aqua, we suspect it’s just a crush, not love.

However, after Aqua and Akane begin dating, she has always quickly reminded them not to get too close and that it is a business relationship. Here, we can see her insecurities take form, and others are now beginning to see her feelings for Aqua. Thankfully, the two work through their feelings and become great friends.

And with that, we conclude our guide on who Kana is love within Oshi no Ko. If you liked this guide, we have plenty of Oshi no Ko guides to enjoy! Check out, Why does Akane have Star Eyes in Oshi no Ko?


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