Why does Akane have Star Eyes in Oshi no Ko?

why does akane have star eyes

Kurokawa Akane was a little bit of a lost lamb when we first see her in Episode 5 of Oshi no Ko. While she has great talent as an actress, this does not compute in reality tv shows. After she is pushed into a rock and hard place by her agency, Akane struggles to make a name for herself. Through many unfortunate circumstances, she now holds the power of the Star Eyes. This guide will detail why Akane has Star Eyes in Oshi no Ko.

Oshi no Ko – Why does Akane have Star Eyes

For the longest time since the start of the anime Oshi no Ko, fans have been racking their brains to figure out what the meaning of main protagonist Star Eyes means. This, coupled with the supporting character now sporting Star Eyes, has left an even more significant question mark on the anime community.

First, let’s understand what the Star Eyes mean before explaining why Akane now possesses these Eyes. The Star Eyes is a primary trait of Hoshino Ai and represents lies and the ambition for success. These Eyes can be hereditary because Aqua and Ruby have one Star in each eye. If we look at their origins (The reincarnation), it’s seeped in lies, which makes sense why they have one Star.

These Star Eyes can change color from white to black depending on the character’s mental state. Though these eyes can be hereditary, a few more manga characters show they can obtainthems. In this case, it is Kurokawa Akane. After an attempted suicide, she was brought back to her feet by Aqua.

Thus, ready for a new lease on life, decides to embody the girl he likes. To do this, she does intense research on Ai to become her. Ultimately Akane succeeds; she was able to embody Ai’s personality and her Star Eyes. This is representative of her lies and ambition for success, whether it is toward her acting role or to impress Aqua. (Though we believe it’s to impress Aqua, as she has fallen for him)

And that is it! That concludes our guide for you on why Akane have Star Eyes in Oshi no Ko. If you enjoyed this Oshi no Ko guide, be sure to check out our others! Check out, Who Killed Amamiya Gorou in Oshi no Ko? or Is Himeno In Love With Aki In Chainsaw Man?


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